The history of «BB1» has started in the U.S. in 1971 with the production of buckles, jewelry and accessories. Over 40 years of history, this brand has won its strong position on the United States market. Today BB1 has an office in New York, production and design group in St. Petersburg, a network of partner factories in the USA, Mexico, Italy and China.

Relationship with Russia

The current Russian department of BB1 works on the market of belt products since 1995. 10 years of work made possible to study in detail the global market, but in 2005, a new for us brand - BB1 – became a big surprise. Proposed by BB1 strikingly different examples were outstanding with their quality and the original design. Our company has gladly accepted the offer of cooperation.

First Steps

In 2006, our company participated in several trade fairs as a representative of BB1 in Russia. Among them "Consumexpo" at Krasnaya Presnya and " Jeans " in Crocus Expo . Products by BB1 had a great success among the participants and guests of the exhibitions. Photos from the show BB1 were published in the next cover of the catalog of the "Jeans” exhibition. Participation in these exhibitions gave a good start to the work of the company; many of popular wholesale buyers became interested in our produce.

Participation in the exhibitions and shows have attracted the attention in the regions: we began to receive the applications for opening of stores in Russia, Ukraine and the Batiks.

In Russia with Love

In 2006, specifically for the Russian market, designers of «BB1» have developed a store project in the form of a DJ set in a corporate style BB1 USA. The Trademark «BB1» was registered in Russia and Europe.

For running our franchise model, the company launched several test stores in St. Petersburg. On the 1st of March 2007 there was opened the first brand store in the mall "Ramstore". A few months’ later two more: in shopping malls "Peak" and "Mega". By the end of 2007, the company opened another 3 «BB1» stores.

The first franchise store was opened on the 15th of October 2007 in Riga at the mall «Domina». By launching this project, the company was aware that it takes risks. We were pleasantly surprised with the first results: turnover for the 2.5 months was 86,000 dollars. With considerable competition from European manufacturers, such a result was achieved on 11 square meters of a retail space.

2007 was marked by the development of the logistics system of the company. We made the logistics very transparent and convenient for our customers and partners. In the same year in St. Petersburg the factory, «BB1» was launched with modern Italian equipment.

Your own BB1

According to market research of the Russian market, the trademark "BB1 Accessories» has no direct competitors, being the only brand of belts and accessories for active young people. A small amount of starting investments and demand makes the franchise "BB1 Accessories” interesting for businessmen. To run a profitable business you can use our franchise offer!

The New Vector of Development

The company "BB1" is constantly monitoring the market of belts and accessories in Russia. According to research in 2009, the global financial crisis has led to the fact that the value of a product in the field of accessories and gifts available for customers has fallen by almost two times. According this, the company "BB1” has changed their range of products in 2010. Now in stores of "BB1" belt buckles and belt strips can be purchased separately with the less pay! The Russian design group BB1 designs buckle models. A new design group in the Russian office means the company’s strive to adapt the produce to the market of Russian-speaking countries and European fashion.

In mid-2009 in stores "BB1”, a new service "buckle for your preference" have been launched. In March 2010 there was introduced a new line of products «Name Accessories». The network of stores was renamed to «BB1 Accessories». In April 2010, the range included women's leather bags and clutches, leather bracelets with changeable decorations. By the end of 2011, the part of classic jeans and belts in the product range by «BB1 Accessories» has risen up to 30%. In 2012 a production line of accessories with full-color printing has been launched. A wider range of products for individual order has widened: the image can now be applied not only on a buckle, but also on metal souvenirs and leather goods. In May 2010 a new store format "BB1 Accessories” has been launched with an open access to the product. Such stores have an area of ​​18 to 35 square meters and include the entire product range of the company.

BB1 Company all the time working to improve its product range, adding new and exciting products for customers. Follow us in the "News" section and new goods in section "NEW". Also, in social networks. Today BB1 Accessories – it is s 45 stores, which are waiting for their customers in different cities of Russia and in the online store. The company is constantly working on its product range. Fashion, trend, and in front others. These words reflect the principle of BB1 teamwork.

“BB1 USA Ltd.” more than 40 years designs buckles, belts for men and women, a wide range of accessories for people who are striving to express themselves. Belts are made from high quality leather and buckles are the most unique in the world. In the Internet shop of belts by "BB1" you can buy a belt or a buckle by selecting from hundreds of belts with buckles that can help to express your character, hobbies, profession, preferences in music and sports, or just about your mood. Since the 2010 the Company BB1 has expanded its range of goods, and actively promotes the range of accessories of different lines. In particular, bead "Name Accessories", bags for men and women, passport covers with print, classic belts. The accessory collection "Charme" is designed to be similar to system Pandora. BB1 Company is the largest supplier of bead accessories in Russia. Over the years, BB1 Company has built not just chain of stores and the brand. The business system that can generate income has been built. You can start a business; buy a franchise of accessories by BB1. At the store “BB1 Accessories” everyone can find a gift to any taste. Open a business of an accessory and gift shop with BB1!

BB1- part of image, part of you…