At present, the company «BB1 Accessories» actively promotes the brand in the Internet. Modern realities allow the company to advertise through social networking sites and online stores. All company’s franchisees have their WebPages of«BB1 Accessories» in their cities.

Until 2008, the advertising companies «BB1» were mainly in the press. In various publications there are articles about the company and its products. Colorful illustrative materials accompanied news articles.

Magazine "Lose weight" in July 2013. Where we can do a waist ?                                                                                                                              

A belt in the women's wardrobe has long ceased to be the item for supporting clothing. Now it is also a fashion accessory that can correct many figure flaws.

Crisis or potential for business? Article online

Crisis - the time for smart. No recession can last forever, and every recession, invariably followed by a rise. So it is time to look at the situation from a new angle: the conditions for starting a business here is close to perfect! Why that? After all, if the economy’s crisis is now, why start a business? As international experience shows, in all periods of recession, the most actively developing are franchise networks, so now even those, who had not thought about this development , are now paying attention to the franchise. However, let us look at everything in order.

First, why now? As world practice shows, the real estate market more than other sectors of the economy is exposed to cyclicality. Ups and downs occur when the market shifts the balance between supply and demand. When real estate sellers supply is superior to customers’ demand it is a customers’ market. When demand exceeds supply, it is a seller's market. Major changes occur in real estate when the market moves from one state to another. Now, the domestic commercial real estate market is experiencing one of these transitions, from a sellers’ market to a customers’ market.

Why exactly us (BB1 Company) talking about this now? Yes, indeed, our work - is to produce belts and other accessories, but they need to be sold somewhere. And this happens most effectively especially at franchising stores that are in shopping centers.

Six months ago, we only heard from those who want to buy a franchise by BB1 the words of potential franchisees, that they cannot find a decent place in shopping centers. Today, due to the crisis, the situation has changed radically. Shopping centers themselves are beginning to offer retail space in good locations and are willing to make concessions on rent.

So you puzzled: "How to use the money? " You can put them in a bank for a small percentage, but in what currency? You can lend them, but where are the guarantees? Perhaps you have already exchanged them to U.S. Dollars, but what if dollar goes down? You can buy a property, but where to buy and at what price?

It is safer to invest in a real business.

One of these businesses is opening a store with BB1. With investments of 750 - 850 thousand rubles, a payback is guaranteed in a 10 - 12 months. Than - the net profit. Margin of 200 - 250 %. The main thing is to open a store in a good shopping mall in a busy area. To do it before the crisis was difficult because not nearly all the popular shopping malls had an empty space. Now - it is time! And even if the return on a project would be still lower (15 months ), the main goal today - to take advantage of a customers’ market , take a good place in the mall by the end of the crisis and come up with a promoted business that is ready to generate income! Your income.

The article about BB1 USALtd. in the " Peak " magazine , Spring-Summer 2008 .

Magazine "AVENE" March 11.12.2008

Magazine "A Secret of a Firm" № 46 (181 ) 11.12.2006

“Speaking outfit”

Writer: Daria Cherkudinova

The Company «BB1 Accessories» produces belts since 1995. After ten years of work, the company has found its mission with the sincere help from foreign partners. The most original product of a company - a belt, that can express a lot about the owner .August Tatarintzev, graduate of the Institute of Physical Education, began his steps into business with a trade of trouser belts and bags. Spontaneously established specialization has not changed over time . A couple of years later in St. Petersburg on Vasilievsky Island he opened his own manufacturing company. In 2006 an American manufacturer of accessories BB1 had decided to use the manufactory’s services.

Abbreviation BB stands for Best Belts, about the meaning of "1" one doesn’t need to guess too much. The company "Best Belts number 1" belongs Sayntovits spouses who for 35 years do design of clothing and accessories. BB1 has a network of similar stores. "Frankly, this proposal was quite unexpected for us. They found us, offered cooperation - says Tatarintzev. - Before that we had not planned to work with foreigners. “However, product samples, which were sent from BB1, have impressed St-Petersburg’s company. Collections have also included an absolute hit-multimedia belts, with built into the buckle screen and microchip, that allow you to play one of the nine recorded patterns. Among them there are phrases, that express a mood (I’m OK), and also maximally informative (I love you, Have a good day). Besides that, the owner of a belt can dial new messages, adjust brightness and change the direction of a ticker. It seemed to Tatarintsev that for visitors of a club, for who it is not always possible to over speak music this method of communication is likely to appeal.

Now belts with screens are about 10% of the production of our company, on the web site they are presented in the category of "sales leader." In total factory is capable to produce about 20 thousand belts and 3 thousand bags per month. Considering the average price of a product (1.5 thousands of rubles), the annual turnover of the company can reach $ 15 million. However, a quite big part of the profits goes to the West. American BB1 took over the most important part of the production - the creation of buckles. It supplies accessory parts to Russia, and employees of “Ligaria"(50 people of staff) make leather strips, apply embossing according to a customer’s need, application, and then adjust a buckle. "Ligaria" sells its products via online store, as well as at Russian apparel networks of the retailers ("5 pocket”, “Bizo”). There is no retail at “Ligaria” company, however, with finding such a serious partner, they are already planning next year together with the BB1 ​​to launch its own network of 30 stores in major cities of Russia. And not the least assistance in this campaign - partners should have their bestseller – video belts.

To use clothing as a means of communication seems to have become fashionable. In the summer of 2006, the French company Uranium Jeans has introduced a new collection of clothes. In each item is a small screen is inserted, showing words and images. French underwear manufacturer LED G-string used the small screen ticker in their produce, the most popular message: "I'm not married." Such clothing is a bit like ICQ status offline - you can just tell everyone around about your mood, without going into a long conversation.

“BB1 USA Ltd.” more than 40 years designs buckles, belts for men and women, a wide range of accessories for people who are striving to express themselves. Belts are made from high quality leather and buckles are the most unique in the world. In the Internet shop of belts by "BB1" you can buy a belt or a buckle by selecting from hundreds of belts with buckles that can help to express your character, hobbies, profession, preferences in music and sports, or just about your mood. Since the 2010 the Company BB1 has expanded its range of goods, and actively promotes the range of accessories of different lines. In particular, bead "Name Accessories", bags for men and women, passport covers with print, classic belts. The accessory collection "Charme" is designed to be similar to system Pandora. BB1 Company is the largest supplier of bead accessories in Russia. Over the years, BB1 Company has built not just chain of stores and the brand. The business system that can generate income has been built. You can start a business; buy a franchise of accessories by BB1. At the store “BB1 Accessories” everyone can find a gift to any taste. Open a business of an accessory and gift shop with BB1!

BB1- part of image, part of you…