Презентация 2010
Франчайзинговое предложение

The key to success and prosperity of «BB1 Accessories» stores – the quality of products and its good presentation, that makes buyers come to the store again and again. Clean, well-maintained shopwindows with lights are the benefit for goods presentation, that allow customers to see all details of a purchase.

Goods presentation variations:

Vertical and horizontal glass windows, open shelves, space-economy panel, desktop stands, racks for belts. 

1. Shopwindows

In Stores «BB1 Accessories» there are 2 kinds of display windows for accessories: low shelves are for “Name Accessories” and high for the rest of the Company’s product range.

The advantage of shopwindows for “Name Accessories”. 

In high glass windows are presented: buckles, belts, souvenirs, small leather goods, wallets, products with a print.

A product range presented in a shopwindow can be changed, added, at the discretion of a store administrator, but in every store of the «BB1 Accessories» network, there must be buckles, leather strips and belts, bead accessories.

All the products represented in a shop window should be of a perfect quality. It is necessary to fully update all shopwindows at least once per season. With a new collection coming, it is exhibited in the category of «new» and not sold goods are placed into the category of «sale».

During each week of the season shopwindows must be updated. If there is no possibility change a product range constantly, you just need to swap certain categories of goods. In this case, sellers must study a product range better, shopwindows must be washed and goods, placed in an other shelf will automatically attract the attention of customers.

All the products exhibited in shopwindows are placed on the special racks made of Plexiglas and are supplied with price tags. The tags are filled with black marker in a block letters. You should not use tags and stands, different from the ones provided by the Company!

Placement of shelves

It is recommended to put each product category on its own shelf. In rare cases, you can combine multiple product categories, such as sets. In the ratio of goods, there should be more shelves with bead accessories, buckles and belts. If there is a place left, you can order small leather goods, bijou, items with print and souvenirs. If you run an “island” type store, do not try to fit all of the product range by «BB1 Accessories» in it. Not necessary in this case to order bags and corset belts! These categories of products for a beneficial look require a lot of space.

If you want your shopwindows to impress and please a customer, it must NOT be filled "to the top". Product, shown in such a way loses its attractiveness. Leave some space around a product. This gives to a shopwindow more order and provides a better look at each item individually.

Important! Observe the colors, symmetry, evenly spaced products on the shelf.

It is desirable to put in the center of the composition bright accent color (red, yellow), on the edges of a shopwindow goods calmer tones are used. If there is no bright colors on the shelf of a current goods range, the the shelf must have some magazines or gift wrap on it. Remember the rule - ether a product range or a range by color ! Do not expose in the window, for example, belts of different designs and different colors. This reminds of a county-style fair! If you want to put the belts from different collections - expose one color. If you want to expose different colors - please use one collection!

Never place the product as a “little bit of everything!"

A shopwindow should provide a pleasant impression, be attractive, interesting to explore.

The range of products must meet the demand! If a certain category of goods not in demand, it is desirable to move it into the category of «sale», and in the vacated space to put goods that are more popular. It is unacceptable to have a dusty shopwindow, or goods, being presented same in every season in a row! Customers, at each visit must find for themselves something new at a store. It is desirable to update a range more than once per season!

A shopwindow must be absolutely clean: shelves, glass and all the metal surfaces shall be cleaned with a special tool for high-gloss polishing all over the entire shopwindow. It should be wiped from the outside and the inside, strikes are not allowed, smudges and dust on the window. Caution: Wiping shopwindows from inner side using a cleaning agent must be done only when there are no products inside.

A shopwindow may be decorated with magazines or a gift-wrap.

Information about discounts and updates is usually presented in the form of information leaflets in plastic stand. It is not desirable to use more than two leaflets on a shelf.

2. Open shelves.

On open shelves, bags and clutches are presented. A collection of bags should be regularly updated. In the summer season, white and colored bags are preferred, in winter - black and brown. Bags are put on the shelf prepared without creases and stuffed with paper, to give a volume and improve the presentation. In rare cases, you can add a composition "belt + bag" or “bag + small leather item".

3. Space economy panels

Space economy panel is used for hanging belts, wallets and Print Color collection. Products are placed on a hook, stands or cardboard hangers.

Information about discounts and updates is presented in the form of leaflets in plastic insert. Do not load panel with a plenty of leaflets. If they are of 1-2 pieces, it is not enough, if a lot - it is difficult to understand.

4. Table display

On desktop stands must be presented bead and glass accessories, collection Print Color. Products are placed on hooks or cardboard hangers.

5. Belt rack

For a better presentation of belts «BB1 Accessories» at “island” stores, it is advisable to purchase racks for belts. Such a rack allows customers to look through a part of a product range without a store assistant and feel the material by having a product in hands. On a rack like this there may be from 150 to 220 belts.

Recommendations for certain categories of goods:

All the accessories should be presented in branded windows «BB1 Accessories». Each cell must have one type of accessory. Accessories of different widths should be located in different windows. It is unacceptable to place in one shopwindow the items of 0.8, 1.0 and 1.6 cm! It is better to place in a shopwindow some examples of ready-to-wear items. There is a high importance of cleanness for this type of shop window. There must not be any dust and smudges from fingers!

Each buckle is placed on a stand. If necessary behind the Collection picture may be set. Compositions "belt buckle + belt strip" or "buckle in a gift box" look very nice.

Buckles are presented by topic. The buckle collection "Auto” is separate from the collection of "Inscriptions" and so on, the name and composition of the collections can be found on the website «BB1 Accessories». During the season, it is necessary to update the collection with seasonal color forms. In summer, it is desirable to increase the number of white, pink, red buckles. It is desirable that the buckle forms in rasp nickel were presented in the collection all year round.

Children’s buckles must be presented in a separate collection onto small stand.

At each shopwindow must be 2 - 3 price tags.

Each belt is placed on a stand or is rolled in the standard way. If necessary behind the Collection a picture may be set. Compositions "belt buckle + belt strip" or "buckle in a gift box" look very nice.

This product must be set by collection. Denim belts apart from the classics. Women’s belts separately from men’s. Do not place in the window, for example, belts of different designs and different colors. This reminds of a country fair! If you want to present the belts from different collections - choose one color. If you want to present different colors- they must be from the same collection!

At each shopwindow put 2 - 3 price tags.

Каждый элемент ставится на подставку, за исключением наборов. По необходимости сзади коллекции устанавливается картинка. Красиво смотрятся наборы из нескольких наименований товара.

В течение сезона необходимо пополнять коллекцию сезонными цветами. Летом желательно увеличение количества светлых или ярких цветов.

Каждый кошелек ставится на подставку. По необходимости сзади коллекции устанавливается картинка. Красиво смотрятся композиции «кошелек в подарочной упаковке».

Товар расставляется по коллекциям. Не выставляйте в витрину кошельки разных дизайнов и разных цветов. Это напоминает рынок!

Every product is placed on a stand or suspended by a cardboard hanging on space-saving panel. If necessary behind the Collection, a picture may be set or a gift box.
If you have a wide range of these kind of products, you may put passport covers, driving license covers, cosmetic purses, etc. on separate shelves. Little cosmetics purses must be put in the front, and then by increase in size, so big items will not block other smaller ones.

If you have only one shelf for the collection, do not to place products as a "little bit of everything!" You can present several sets or two types of cover; the rest of the range you may keep in the storage and offer to customers.

The Collection of metal mirrors, business card holders and key rings can be set on the same shelf. Each item must be put on a stand! If necessary, a picture may be set behind the Collection. A composition of a gift set looks beautiful.

 At each shopwindow put 2 - 3 price tags.

The Collection must be presented on a rack, in an open space, as it is shown on the photo. There can be one big item or several on one hook.

Bracelets must be presented locked, by groups of the same color. ! If necessary, a picture may be set behind the Collection.

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