The Company “BB1 Accessories” - a recognized leader in the manufacturing of belt buckles, classic belts and accessories. The second focus of our business is the production of leather bags for women and men and small leather goods as well. The range includes covers for documents, business card holders, cosmetic purses and much more. In a wide range of produce by “BB1 Accessories”, there are metal souvenirs and accessories of various configurations.
The entire range is made of real leather and metal elements of high quality. The production uses safe for health materials. All items of “BB1 Accessories” meet "The safety of products of light industry" requirements, what is confirmed by the Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union. All items of “BB1 Accessories” in accordance with the rules of trade are labeled with the information. All labels and cardboard hangers in the “BB1 Accessories” are of a high quality and are made in the corporate style of the company.
At a “BB1 Accessories” store, each customer can buy not only a quality product, but also a packaging. The range of different types of packaging made in the corporate style.

“BB1 USA Ltd.” more than 40 years designs buckles, belts for men and women, a wide range of accessories for people who are striving to express themselves. Belts are made from high quality leather and buckles are the most unique in the world. In the Internet shop of belts by "BB1" you can buy a belt or a buckle by selecting from hundreds of belts with buckles that can help to express your character, hobbies, profession, preferences in music and sports, or just about your mood. Since the 2010 the Company BB1 has expanded its range of goods, and actively promotes the range of accessories of different lines. In particular, bead "Name Accessories", bags for men and women, passport covers with print, classic belts. The accessory collection "Charme" is designed to be similar to system Pandora. BB1 Company is the largest supplier of bead accessories in Russia. Over the years, BB1 Company has built not just chain of stores and the brand. The business system that can generate income has been built. You can start a business; buy a franchise of accessories by BB1. At the store “BB1 Accessories” everyone can find a gift to any taste. Open a business of an accessory and gift shop with BB1!

BB1- part of image, part of you…